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How do you see my phone interview?


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I had a pre-scheduled telephone interview (for PhD application) two days ago. I was interviewed by the most well-known professor at the department, and it took exactly 30 minutes. we had a pretty warm conversation from the start, then he asked about my research interests.

As it was quite a friendly conversation, I asked him 'how many positions are available this year?' he said 8, and i again went one step forward and asked 'have i got any chances?' he said, 'we only call to serious candidates, but i cannot guarantee'...

I felt quite happy after the interview. Still haven't heard anything from them!

How do you see my interview? :rolleyes:


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Hi ANDS!, and thanks for your comment.

It seems you are correct. I am on the wait list now. I emailed to the professor who interviewed me and asked him about my status in the list. He said he is glad to say that I am on the top of the list, and if anyone drops out, they are going to offer the place to me.

The bad thing is that this is a fully funded program in europe, and for some unknown reasons I feel no one is going to drop it.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing your guess :)

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You never know; overseas is a huge commitment, especially to someone from the states. If you are waiting for ONE dropout I wouldn't hold my breath. Not false hope just being realistic - unless of course they have on average 90% or above acceptance rates (which I doubt; hell not even Harvard is that good).

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