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So it all comes down to this: Where to go?


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Hi all,

After various acceptances and rejections, I am trying to decide between two archaeology programs: 1) an Ivy (with no funding for the first year and “possible funding in subsequent years”) or 2) a mid-tier state school (with TAship, promises of summer work, enthusiastic POI, etc).

What is worth more: the Ivy name on my CV or money/experience at a less well known institution? Perhaps some of you are in a similar situation?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Who's the adviser at each and how does that influence your future? That the question you should ask. Also, how much doubt have you already taken on? I would try to stay under 100k at most total for life since anything more than that would be hard to pay back ever.

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littlebird: my two cents? Go with the state school. You may have already made your decision, but it sounded (from your description) like the only factor in favor of the Ivy was that it's an Ivy; in every other way (again, judging just from what you said), the state school sounds like a better choice. Good luck in whatever you do!

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