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UNC vs. UW


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As I wait for my financial aid decisions to roll in next month, I am trying to get a grasp on which school would be the best choice for me. Please note that it will ultimately come down to who is offering the best financial aid package. But in the mean time I would love you guys' perspective. Both UW and UNC have great clinical social work programs and are affordable. I have family/friend ties to both locations. And I will be applying for the dual degree in MPH (both reputable schools for as well) for both programs this Fall... I am having the toughest time deciding which program would be my #1 choice. Right now I am looking at their field placements, professor's research interests, and probing current students and recent graduates about their experience.

Please share with me your perspective, any helpful insight, anything else I should consider while weighing the two options... I am open to your comments and thoughts.

Thank you in advance!!!! :D

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Thank you for taking the time out to share your perspective. This is extremely helpful!! If I could visit both campuses before April 15th I would, unfortunately that's not feasible right now. Your post has inspired me to reach out to some current students and get some perspective from them. Thank you again!

Any other views are welcome and appreciated!

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