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  1. Hey 2012MSW Yup I'm definitely attending UNC this Fall- the visit and the Award Letter sold me!! How about you?
  2. Hey Guys, Check your emails I just got an award offer from Molee
  3. Thanks jgf85 I'm trying to figure out other financing options for the first year I went ahead and paid the deposit Good luck to you too hopefully I'll see you at orientation!
  4. Quick update: this morning I received an award package from financial aid department with loans and stuff but no word from SSW. i didnt receve a notification about a deposit.... maybe i should reread my acceptance letter. I attended the information session Friday and it was really good i would be so happy to attend if i could get some financial aid.
  5. Gosh I hope not! I sent an email Tuesday morning and no response yet. I arrive Thursday to visit the campus for the first time and attend the informational Friday. I need to know ASAP so I know what to tell the other schools I've been accepted into. BTW My friend who was accepted into the school of public health for her doctorate didn't hear from financial aid until JULY!!!!!!!! ugh... that would be insane.
  6. Hey Costello thanks they sent me an email and a letter attached with the details of the assistantship and a form to complete to let them know whether or not I will accept it.
  7. I received a Monday from Dr. Vonk awarding me an assistantship, hopefully you all will hear back from her soon!
  8. I thought for sure I was heading to WashU but UGA offered a generous assistantship package and UNC is dynamite... sigh very tough choices.
  9. Strong recommendations, work experience and personal statements can give you a competitive edge easy. Be aware of schools that specifically state the minimum GPA required on their admissions page- my GPA for my last 60 credits was subpar however I was working 15 hour days and juggling a full time courseload I discussed that in my statement and had strong references and was admitted into 3 out of 5 of the programs I applied to, with assistantships.
  10. Hey guys any word from UNC regarding financial aid?
  11. I won't be attending the welcome weekend but I will be visiting the 12-13th since I'm out of state. I'm facing a tough choice I hope visiting will help me make a final decision.
  12. Torn between UNC and UW... waiting for financial aid information to make my final decision. If neither awards enough aid I will attend UGA (resident).
  13. Thank you for taking the time out to share your perspective. This is extremely helpful!! If I could visit both campuses before April 15th I would, unfortunately that's not feasible right now. Your post has inspired me to reach out to some current students and get some perspective from them. Thank you again! Any other views are welcome and appreciated!
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