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Which dream college to choose


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I'm an international student going to pursue my MS in Optics. I would like your reviews about these 3 colleges and would also like your help in choosing between the three. It would be very kind of you if you could compare University of Arizona, University of Rochester and CREOL, UCF on the basis of funding provided, TA/RA opportunities, Job opportunities after the completion of degree, the best course in each coll etc. I would like to know your choice if you had to choose between these colleges. Well I am planning to take up either Plasmonics or Fibre Optics as the sub area. So which college do you recommend for these two areas. And I do have plans to change to PhD if given the choice. I love the academia and my aim is to take up teaching. The tution fee for the three are almost the same. The three colleges are excellent for optics. I just don't know what to choose. Please help me

Thank you

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Ah, well, I am a University of Arizona grad, and loved my time there. Both the school and town are great.

I have had friends who were doing masters in optics at UoA, and they really liked it. Back then (5 years ago), I think it was #1 in the country. I'm not sure if it is anymore.

Also, the cost of living is super cheap in Tucson.

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