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application incomplete?


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This is my insecure self speaking. Has anyone had the experience of not being notified that your application was incomplete and ultimately being rejected because of it? I've sent a couple of follow-up emails to my department in the past few weeks or so only to receive absolutely no replies. I'm just assuming that my application is indeed complete and that it's still under review. Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.

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The website service my application was sent through tells me my package is incomplete because the department never received official GRE scores. It isn't a requirement for all students, only for students with international degrees (my degree is US and I applied to a Canadian school). I emailed the department and they told me it wasn't a big deal, and that if they extend me an offer, we can worry about the paperwork then.

The only way I would know is that damned little line of text that tells me they haven't extended me an offer. And that my application is incomplete. One day soon I'd like to see that little line of text change.

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Yes. When I applied to my Masters 4 years ago, I thought my application to one school was complete (they didn't respond much when I asked them soon after the application deadline). Few month later, in APRIL!!! they email me to tell me that they didn't receive my toefl scores... I re-sent my toefl scores anyway in a feint hope, but I don't think that helped.

Ended up going to another school and didn't have regrets about that.

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