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SOP Public History & MLIS

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I'm writing this *loverly* SOP and I'm hitting a block. I'm applying for both Public History and MLIS degrees. I'm trying to find a nice balance between library-y things, museum-y things and History scholarship.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to balance this? I'm willing to message people my SOP if they want to take a look. I'm doing a basic one and then I'll add the "fit" portion once I get this down.

Thanks ahead of time! I'm willing to look at other history ones as a tit-for-tat as well.

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I'm currently in a MLIS/History program. Although, I didn't write about museums in my SOP I did create a relationship between archives, libraries and the study of history. I think you could definitely write about them as repositories that serves the public's needs, which includes researchers and non-researchers, as primary instiutions for the dissemination of information and histories. The more important question is which program (or career) would you much rather prefer, the MLIS program or the Public History program?

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