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Scholarships for Graduate Degrees Abroad (London)?


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Hi everyone,

I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in the US but have submitted three applications for graduate study in the UK and am looking for resources on possible funding opportunities. I have a satisfactory gpa- but not an exceptional one (3.23 presently will likely be the same when I finish in May). So I'm looking for scholarships/grants but I'm having a tough time finding anything that is applicable. Has anyone found some good resources? Even just scholarships for travel costs (I live in Alaska and commuting to London from here is NOT cheap!)


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Honestly, your options might be pretty limited. I graduated with a GPA that was quite a bit higher and it still didn't qualify me for most of the funding available for US students in the UK. Your best bet is to identify programs you want to apply to, and then investigate the funding available specifically for those programs. There also might be some funding available that's not well advertised, so speaking to current students in the programs you're looking at might give you an idea of what the possibility of funding is.

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