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When have I done enough?


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I've completed my coursework. I've passed my qualifying and preliminary exams. I've completed my thesis credits. I've done original research. I've published. I've presented at conferences at home and abroad. I've won awards. When is enough enough? When have I done enough to finish my PhD?

I feel like the ballgame should be just about over, but my advisor keeps assigning me more projects, which I stupidly agree to undertake and work on, only to have him assign me something else in the middle of what he asked me to work on before.

Does anyone else feel like they're being asked to pitch an extra inning game without a closer to come in and take over for you? When does all this madness stop, and when can I go home? The game has gone on too long for me to really care who wins anymore. Sometimes I just want to pack my bags and leave, but I know that I'd regret it after getting home and waking up the next morning.

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Have you started writing up your dissertation? What about a prospectus, if required?

Do you have a committee selected? If so, you might be able to ask some of your other committee members if they think you're ready.

But really, does your research tie together to tell a relatively complete story that results in a decent contribution to the field?

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