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How did you get into Princeton


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So what advice would you have for a small fry like me, I want to go there for Astrophysics.

Things you could talk about-

  • Who did you talk to there? which professors?
  • When did you start concerning Princeton?
  • What do you think was the main reason you got in? ETC...

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So you've asked very similar variations of this question before, and I have to ask- why the fixation on Princeton? It's a good school, but there are lots of other similar schools out there.

Is there some specific resource, research center or faculty member you just really want to work with there?

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Spergel's an interesting guy, and certainly some neat research.

Is it the engineering end of his work, or the theoretical ends of his work that particularly interests you?

And do you want to work directly in his research group, or just on the same projects?

It seems you're going about this the wrong way. You don't want to work at Princeton, you want to work with Spergel. Hence, you'd want to see what would make you the best fit for his group, and work towards that. Similarly, trying to get some summer research opportunities on his projects/similar projects wouldn't be a bad idea.

Keep up with his papers, and take courses that will best help you to understand the work he's doing and how to further it.

And above all, do lots and lots of research so you have that experience on your resume.

Also, you'll probably get better responses to this in one of the Physics/physical science subforums, since this is a discipline specific question.

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Thank you very much. I got info about Mr. universe in other web sights but I want to know how to get to Princeton here as one of the many threads I have started to help me with my undergrad performance. So do you have any advice on what an undergrad do? (assuming that a 4.0 and tons of research is a requirement) what would give me a sharp edge? Should I go to Princeton to talk to the professors there?

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I just gave you a post full of details of how to give yourself an edge.

Graduate admissions aren't like undergraduate admissions- often, you're admitted because a particular researcher (in your case, Spergel) is interested in having you work with them.

And admissions at Princeton in one area are going to be wildly different than admissions in another area, which is why I recommended you ask in the discipline specific subforums. Knowing what helped someone in Chemistry or Molecular Bio get admitted isn't going to help you at all.

And if you want to be taken seriously, please, stop calling him Mr Universe.

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