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Interview After Acceptance


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Were you accepted with funding? The interview could be to award fellowships, TA's, etc...Just an educated guess, this is the first I've heard of an interview post-acceptance. Or maybe to match you with a POI, if you aren't already? Since you're accepted it certainly shouldn't be a bad sign!

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So they specifically called it an interview? Some programs hold recruitment visits after acceptance, but I think they are usually one-time events for all accepted students at once.

It's hard to tell if yours is an individual invitation or may still be part of a larger event.

Recruitment events are meant to introduce students to their potential cohort and persuade them to join the program, so if that's what this is you really have nothing to worry about.

Is there someone in the program you could ask for clarification? Maybe whoever asked you to come?

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The email was quite elusive. It asked about attending an interview and was addressed to other people as well. Oddly, the "interview" dates offered were post 4/15 deadline. Thus far the program hasn't given any more information.

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The OP had asked about a science program in a previous thread, perhaps for a friend, so I assumed this was a related question.

But yes, if the program discussed here is in history, then the humanities boards would be more helpful.

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