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What do I do?


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Hey guys

I have been accepted from one school but still haven't heard back from 3 others.

The one school i got accepted from said the funding info is still pending.

Should I ask them when I would get the funding info? also, do you think i can get an extention on making decision? Because they wanted me to make the decision by 15th.

But I feel like I might be waitlisted :S:S

Thanks for all the input!

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Email your other schools and ask them about your status and mention that you need to make a decision by the 15th so it would be helpful if you knew where you stand.

Ask the school that accepted you about the funding info as well, when can decisions on that be expected and how likely it is to get funding.

Good luck!

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I'm in a similar situation. Been accepted into two programs that need to know by the 15 but haven't heard from my #1 choice yet. I've been debating whether I should call the program or not because I would like to know something, but at the same time I'm worried they'll just reject me to make it easy on them. Is that crazy?

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