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UMASS Lowell or Monterey Institute of International Studies


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I have been accepted in Peace & Conflict Studies in UMASS and International Policy Studies in Monterey Institute of International Studies.

UMASS provides research assistance ship (fully paid). It is a small program in UMASS. The faculty is okay but not as good as UMASS.

Monterey Institute of International Studies: i have to borrow gov't loans so when I graduate I am looking into owing 80+ in gov't loans. The program is 2 semester longer. The faculty is better than UMASS.

Which one would you choose?

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It depends what your career goals are. Aside from the faculty and money, will you get the same kind of networks and connections at MIIS? I am a current student and recently went to a financial advising session that was really helpful. They said that by the end of your studies, on average students graduate with about $20k less than what you said, plus they often partake in a semester long internship during their final semester than turns into a contract or full time job. There is a lot to consider, but I recommend looking more long term than just at the short term wow factor of the money! At least that's what I did and I have to say, so far, it's completely worth it!

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