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Georgetown University VS Columbia University for doctorate degree


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I got accepted into Georgetown as well, and will be attending it. It's one of the top schools for applied linguistics, and 2 great professors from Hawaii will be teaching this semester there (big names in SLA). However, it really depends on you:

1. Which school offers you a better package?

2. Which school has faculty that match your prospective thesis better?

3. Which school is closer to home/friends/family (if you are expecting to travel back and forth)?

4. Which school has the better program in regards to the specific field you want to study?

5. Which city is better for living (how will you be supporting yourself? Will you be able to afford housing, etc)?

All of these are questions which need to be addressed by you in order to make your decision. I can sit here and gloat about Georgetown, but that is because it's best for MY needs. It might not be the same for you, and I believe I saw in another thread that you were 99% sure about Columbia nonetheless, correct?

Good luck! :)

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haha that's right, 99%... But that 1% was really bothering me :P

Anyway, as of today, I am 100% with Columbia.

1) honestly, GT offered me much better funding...

2) Columbia

3) Columbia: my sister lives in manhattan and I'm really close to her so... it'd be nice to have family around the school

4) This one is still hard for me to decide

5) GT

Basically, when it comes down to money, money and money, GT is a better choice.

Ah whatever, I will just sell an arm and a leg and go to Columbia lol.

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