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Just graduated and trying to find a teaching job in only ONE city


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I’d like to know what others think about trying to locate a teaching position- assistant professor or lecture (tenure-track or not) in one specific city or metro area.

I haven’t reached this stage yet, but my partner and I are moving to a major city on the west coast once I have completed my doctorate because his business is there. Because of this, I will be concentrating all of my energy, at roughly four major universities, all within the same state-wide system and a few smaller private colleges. Will this hurt my chances of being able to find a permanent job? I assume this situation comes up a lot for couples who want to move to specific areas because of their spouse’s work or other reasons. Anyone have any experiences?

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You'd probably get better responses on the CHE forums- there's even a specific section devoted to the two-body problem.

My understanding is that it's exceptionally hard to find a decent teaching job if you're very geographically constrained.

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