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Manhattan vs other books


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I recently... ahem... obtained some electronic GRE prep books from some people who were... Sharing... If you know what I mean.

However, no one would share their Manhattan prep books with me : (

I've heard that this is a really good prep set. Should I buy it? Is it that much better than the ETS, Kaplan, Barron sets, etc?

Ps. If anyone would also like to obtain some materials from people who are sharing I might be able to direct you : )

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The Official GRE books from ETS are a must because they are the only source of actual GRE questions. Aside from that I highly recommend Manhattan's set, they do a great job. Here's a detailed review on their GRE books: http://magoosh.com/gre/2012/manhattan-gre-book-review/ along with links at the bottom to more reviews such as Kaplan's, Barron's, and ETS.

Hope that helps!

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I love the Manhattan math books. They've helped me understand the concepts so much better than Kaplan or PR. You can buy the books on Amazon...I'm not too worried about my verbal score (I'm already practice testing at 98% and not taking the test until August), but their math prep is awesome.

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