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Best College and Undergraduate Major for Future Biostatistics Admissions?


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Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this question in, but I really need some advice.

I'm currently a high school senior, and I want to eventually get a graduate degree in Biostatistics. I have taken a lot of math classes, and I've enjoyed them all. So far, I've taken three quarters of single variable calculus and two quarters of multivariable calculus at a community college, I'm currently taking Differential Equations. I also took AP Statistics in high school. I think I can get a BS in Math pretty soon, but I'm not sure what would be the best choice.

I haven't decided where I'm going to college, and I'm currently deciding between UC Berkeley and the University of Washington. Both schools have undergraduate programs in Applied Mathematics, which I'm considering for my major. UW's program (in Biological/Life Sciences) seems to correlate more with Biostatistics better than Berkeley's (Life and Physical Sciences/Mathematical Biology). Is this actually the case, though? I looked at the course requirements for UW, and I would have to take programming, stats, and potentially major in a science. Berkeley's program requires just a lot of math and stats, so I would have to take science and CS as electives. Is Berkely worth it for the faculty/prestige?

Which college should I choose? And is an Applied Math major the right choice? Should I consider pure math, statistics, or biology instead? Please help, thanks!

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Take as much math as you can as an undergrad, with a pinch of CS and stats. Top Biostat grad programs love people with strong quantitative backgrounds; you can pick up the bio/applied bits later.

Though both are great programs, one (small) advantage of UW over Berkeley is that UW Biostat is a huge department ranked in the top 3 nationwide. Though it's only a graduate program, you might be able to find opportunities for summer research if you poke around.

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You're in-state at UW? Go there! Don't pay more for undergrad than you need to. Follow cyberwulf's advice for courses and summer research. Maybe you can find summer internships at the Hutch, among other great places for biostat-related research in Seattle.

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