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Bachelor's in accounting with $30k debt VS. Masters in Sports Management with about $75k debt?


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This is my dilemma.

I got into a pretty reputable sports management masters program. Getting my masters has been something I've wanted to achieve. But me and my family do not have the money to pay for graduate school. So the only way I was going to go was if I got this Graduate Assistant position which would have paid for my tuition, plus a good stipend.

I was a long shot to get into this graduate program but I just found out I got in. I was offered a GA spot but then the guy said he already filled them. So I got kind of screwed over because I applied based on this GA job that the guy offered me.

Anyways, I have an undergraduate degree in accounting. I do not have any accounting experience and I'm struggling at getting an accounting job. I have $30k of financial aid debt.

This graduate school is out of state. So, I would be paying out of state tuition, which is more than 3x the amount of in state graduate tuition. So it would costs be around $45k just tuition alone to get my masters in sports management.

Is getting a masters in sports management worth it that much?

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If this is really important to you, why not move to the state where the program you want is, start working as an accountant to earn money and keep going until you've been instate for the 2 yrs or so required for residency? Then you can reapply (if you got in once it will happen again). But this time you'll have money set aside, work experience, and the cost will be lower. Or I could be totally naive about this, and this wouldn't work for any number of reasons. See what others say.

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Thanks for the response Meems.

Ya at first it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I've been wanting to get my masters. I got offered this GA position. But then he gave my spot away when I got accepted into the sports management program.

So it's just not worth it paying that much as an out of state student to get my masters in sports management. If it was in state, then I would consider it since it would be considerably cheaper. but oh well. good luck to you.

what sports management program are you in?

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Yah kentucky is a different place. I am from california. So most other places are different than home lol.

It would have been nice to get a sports management degree or even my masters for free but oh well. I know its not needed. More so just an accomplishment than anything. But it's definitely not worth going $50k+ in depth for. I have worked at all the levels of sports, so I have the experience and connections. Getting my masters was just something I wanted to accomplish. But oh well lol

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Yeah, I don't think going into that much debt for a Sports Management degree is worth it. My best friend is graduating with his right now and trying to find a job. The only way he managed was with a GA position that paid a miserable salary. If it is something you really want to accomplish like you mentioned, reapply next year and try to land a GA position. In the meantime, work and save up some money. Between my Master's degree and when I start my PHD program this fall I will have been out of school and working for two years. Saving that money will give me a little bit more breathing room once I start. However, I would not incur that much debt if it is going to put you in a significantly better position career wise. Good luck with finding an accounting job.

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