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So, here is where I find all the smarties?


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Hi Everyone,

Victoria here. I need some advice: While many of you are awaiting acceptance letters, I'm still trying to get my foot in the door. I've gotta take the GMAT, but as far as math goes, my head is as empty as a hollowed out cave. I tried the tutor route, but felt ripped off and didn't learn much. I bought a couple of study guides (Barrons and ETS) and APPARENTLY, I can't teach myself this stuff. So, here I am...in a row boat without a paddle. I have about 8 weeks to prepare, but it isn't gonna be easy. Any advice?


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You can take courses that help you with content, study tips, and practice writing. I would strongly suggest you try this (even more than once). I have had several friends take them for the GREs/MCATs and they have had really great success with them.

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A word of caution about Kaplan classes (GRE at least): They move at an aggressive pace and assume that you have all of your basic math skills down. The instructor's advice for problem areas was just doing the overwhelming amount of practice problems in the back of the book and self-teaching. I found the class really helpful because I learned strategies for attacking problems quickly. If you can't solve the problems at any pace, though, I would consider Kaplan tutoring. I know you had a bad tutoring experience...but was that a private tutor? I just imagine that one-on-one attention for your problem areas would be more helpful than learning general strategies for people who are already proficient in math.

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