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Hi everyone,

Wanted to share with you !

I have applied to some business schools for a PhD in OB/HR.

Until now, I have been denied at Vanderbilt, UNC and Washington University in St. Louis... hope to get at least admitted in one... still a few decisions to come: Texas, TAMU, Florida, Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin,...

Just to give my impression(s) on a few comments I have seen:

- yes the waiting (and getting denied) is killing me !

- yes the crisis is hitting the business schools (have been told by most universities I applied to)

- yes I am looking forward to being accepted in at least one

- no I do not have a back-up plan :shock:

- last but not least... I am crossing my fingers so hard that I believe they will be broken in the end ?

Good luck to everyone in a very difficult moment... WAITING !


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I have a friend who was contacted last week by WashU to set up in interview. I assume that since I haven't received a similar email that this means I didn't make the cut.

With Purdue's application deadline of Feb 15, I could have already made a decision on where I'll be heading in the fall by the time they get around to looking at the applications.

I've had very positive interviews so far with Indiana and Georgia and hope to receive offers in the next two weeks. Indiana is flying me out next week to meet with faculty and see the city. I keep expecting to here back from the other schools soon. I'm hearing more and more about schools losing funding and not being able to offer anything for the fall. Kansas, Arizona State, and now maybe UConn have all been shut down.

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