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UCONN and Southern CT State University

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I am trying to apply to schools in CT and am especially leaning toward UCONN. But does anyone know anything about either of these schools that is not on the website? Anyone applied, visited, etc. that could tell me about them?

Also, are there any websites for graduate schools where students rate them? I know for undergrad there is studentsreview.com where they leave comments, but the grad school parts are really limited.

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I got my BSW from Southern. I had some great professors and got some good mentoring--but I was an extremely dedicated student, so I kind of had to fight for it in that respect. I know nothing firsthand about UCONN. SCSU is actually pretty selective for their master's program--I think this is due to the size of the program, but out of the 5 grad schools I applied to, SCSU was the last to offer their acceptance (this includes some more "reputable" programs, including Columbia and NYU---in quotes because I don't feel names mean as much in social work programs). I also did not get an immediate offer for grants, but don't know what was typical at the time or now. New Haven has a good amount of quality fieldwork opportunities depending on the area you are interested in (clinical vs. macro).

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I am also leaning towards being in CT. I've only looked at UConn, and don't know much about Southern, but I loved my visit to UConn. I was impressed by their community organizing track, and their macro focus. They introduced me to their field directors, a professor, and some phD students we ran into. The field directors were very enthusiastic and it seemed like there is quite a bit of flexibility to choose your field placement.

I would recommend visiting and see how it would fit your needs. If you are interested in a macro program at all, I think you'll be impressed by the program. Otherwise, I know a lot less about it =/

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Hi there,


I applied to both Uconn and Southern's MSW program. I actually went to Southern for a M.S. in Special Education before deciding that social work would be a better fit, so I've had some experience navigating their graduate school. I'm really impressed by Southern's more personal feel, but then again...I've never gone to Uconn. I've heard great things about both programs from multiple sources. I think it just depends on your own personal needs!


I was accepted into Southern's MSW program in early March. I'm still waiting to hear from Uconn. Best of luck!

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I was an AmeriCorps member in New Haven public schools last year and met multiple MSW students from both SCSU and UConn in their field placements. I have heard great things about both programs, particularly in casework/clinical tracks.


From what I've read and heard, SCSU has a more selective program due to their size and funding. However, UConn MSW students seem to have a more personal/mentor relationship with their professors and field advisors. My aunt manages one of the Department of Social Services in Stamford, CT, and has said she finds more positive feedback from UConn MSW students. This is simply because they have more contact and availability from their professors than those from SCSU (and even Columbia and NYC that come into CT for their placements) and feel they are not as "on their own". That is important to me, as I feel an advisor should also be a mentor.


Also, I feel there are ample opportunities for field placements at both schools. Although my work in New Haven was definitely "clinical" focused in the schools, I know there are literally hundreds of non-profits and other human services organizations in New Haven. (I literally had to create a directory of them all for United Way last summer.) For me, I simply did not want to live in New Haven for another 2 years, and because UConn's Graduate School of Social Work is housed in the greater Hartford campus (and possibly moving into Hartford soon), it is a better location for my personal needs.


Goodluck to all in making your decisions!

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