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Conundrum: Retake the GRE?


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Hi all,

So an interesting thing happened with my GRE scores which just came back today. I'm very pleased with my 165 (96%) verbal, and 169 (98%) quantitative, but unhappy about my 4.5 (72%) analytical writing score. I'm applying this fall to humanities phD's (historical musicology/music theory) and I was wondering if my AW score would put me out of the running at top schools. I feel that my writing sample will be the basis for any real judgment of my work/ability, but should I expect that my AW score might cause committees to look askance at my application?

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From everything that I've read, including info on admissions sites, the AW section is a total joke--no one cares about it at all, especially if you're submitting a writing sample too. 4.5 is totally fine, and the rest of your score is awesome. Don't give ETS any more money!

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