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Anyone waiting for Toronto English PhD?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I already started thinking that I am rejected. This waiting process has been unnerving so far, and it gets even more so when other people get acceptances and you hear nothing.

As I gather from the results section, the department decided to contact students by post this year, rather than e-mailing them. I hope they send snail mail only to those who are resident in Canada or USA. Otherwise, I will pass away before that envelope passes to this side of the Atlantic.

Does anybody have any idea about the size of the cohort this year?

Somebody also posted a notice announcing that the Canadian authorities are not offering any funding to international students because of the financial crisis. This is quite confusing in the face of UofT's funding guarantee for all of its incoming PhD students. Could that mean they'll send out straight rejections to all international students?

To those who are accepted: Congratulations! But, please be more specific and give more details when you are posting results, since some of us are still biting their nails. I know, I sound like a frenzied Monsieur Proust, but just can't help it!

Thank you all.

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Hey Yorkshire,

Don't know about the size of the cohort. The department did a joint post/phone call notification.

As for international students, the acceptance letter says the guaranteed five-year funding package is $22, 155 for Canadians and $30, 682 for international students.

Hope this helps.

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I really would like to know whether UofT's English department finished contacting admitted students or not. It might be relieving to know that the game is over, even though this means a rejection on my part.

I e-mailed the graduate secretary to ask about the outcome of my application yesterday, but I haven't received an answer yet. Did anyone get the chance to call the department? Any news?

And, I also want to express my appreciation for the gradcafe community. Everybody's so helpful and supportive here, it feels kind of cool to be a part of it. Thank you guys!

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