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Dual programmes?


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I have seen mention a couple of times of Universities that offer Dual PhD, ie Penn State offers the PhD in History with a few other subjects (Women's, Asian and Classical Studies I think).

Are there many, or any at all that offer similar programmes. The Classics at Penn State would interest me having done it for a year as an undergrad, but dropped it as I could only do 2 subjects after first year, but I would prefer something that perhaps offered International Relations/Foreign Policy.

i'm a gluton for punishment it seems.

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I think part of the reason why dual-programs exist is because of funding. The "other" program can afford to split the cost of a graduate student since extra coursework is usually required in order to complete both PhDs (more tuition money). If you're that interested in foreign policy/international history, you may be better off choosing programs that have such strengths and perhaps in univeresities have strong policy programs for you to attend courses and talks in your particular interests.

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I'll be applying to exclusively dual-degree programs this fall - MLIS and MA's which is not too too common (there's about 20 programs in the country). That being said, I agree with tmp - foreign policy/international history is a combination I haven't heard of and you are probably better just choosing one program. What I've found in my experience with professors is that if you find an adviser to support you, you can tailor a degree to you.

For example... say you go for your degree in international history, you could find an adviser who is more focused on public policy within international history. That might severely limit your choices but it is an option.

I know there are ways - I know multiple poli sci grad students whose research interests lie in something that would be considered another field - communications for example.

Wish you luck!

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ut I would prefer something that perhaps offered International Relations/Foreign Policy.

Before making a choice, I recommend that you carefully consider what type of job you want to get. If you do a lot of policy-oriented work, academicians may rightly raise questions about how well you'd fit in an environment that is driven by the historiography rather than contemporaneous concerns. Conversely, if you develop the sensibilities of a professional academic historian, you might have issues with doing policy-oriented work at a think tank.

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