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Waitlisted for MPH at Lakehead - What are the chances?

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I have been waitlisted for MPH at Lakehead and the admissions office refuses to tell me my spot on the list. I have absolutely NO idea where I stand in the competition..

Any body who has been waitlisted for MPH (at Lakehead or other Canadian university): how much of a wait can one typically expect? Do they typically inform applicants more at other universities?

Any feedback from you all will greatly help me assess my chances. Thank you!

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Hi Angiotension! I came upon this post. I too am waitlisted at Lakehead for the mph program. I find it really odd that we have not heard an answer yet. It is keeping me in limbo and really impacting what I plan to do in the fall. I also don't know where I stand. I emailed Lakehead and asked when the deadline is for an answer and they said they continue accepting students into the mph program up until mid-September. I recall last year that on the Lakehead website that in May for the MPH program that it had stated they are no longer accepting applicant, however I have not seen that yet this year. Hope this helps and best of luck to both of us!

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Hi there - first time poster here. I'm wondering if either of you ended up with an offer from Lakehead? I assume as a lesser known school (than say U of T, McGill etc), it would be less competitive? I am wondering how far above the 75% stated minimum one needs to have a shot. Have you spoken to current Lakehead MPH students or recent grads? I wonder how good the program is from a student perspective. Thanks.

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