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GRE scores for MA vs PhD


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I got my GRE scores yesterday. I am currently applying to MA programs in English lit, and I know my scores are sufficient for the programs to which I am applying. My question is whether those same scores will still be sufficient when it comes time to apply to a PhD, if I choose to do so.

I did very well on the Verbal and the Analytical Writing, 167 and 5.5 respectively. My problem is the Quantitative. I didn't do badly, I got a 158, which is about the 75th percentile. But PhDs are so competitve, and if I do decide to pursue one I will want to go to a good school. Obviously the verbal and writing are far more important for an English PhD than the quantitative, but for a top tier PhD program do you think the lower Quant. score would mean the difference between acceptance and not? I know that the GREs are just one part of the application, etc. etc., but I am asking because I am hoping not to have to retake the test.

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I don't mean to hijack or anything, but your scores are similar to mine: 168 V, 157 Q, 5.0 AWA.

I'm applying to communications/media studies Ph.D. programs, and I'm also wondering if that quant is going to be an issue.

(I've been searching around to see what people are saying about similar scores, and it's typically the opposite: high quant, lower verbal. It's been tough to get a handle on what high verbal/lower quant scores might mean to an adcom.)

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I'm the same (except I haven't actually given a fair shake to the quant section because I'm so terrible at math, I'm scared to even try!)

But I'd also like to know what adcomms think of pretty bad quant scores for non-science non-math folk.

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