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Hey everyone,

I'm a little bit worried about something and I want to hear your opinion on this matter. A teacher from France was hired in our departement for the winter semester. I had a course with her and I finished with very good grades. Anyway, that's not the point. I am doing a comparative study and I asked her if I could do a student exchange in her research center in Paris to work for a few months over there. She said yes and that it is a great idea. She even talked with my advisor about it and he also liked the idea. She told me to write to her during the summer to see if it could work (she had to ask the director of the research center, she is co-director). I wrote to her 5 weeks ago, at the beginning of july, but I still have'nt got a reply. I know that she had to teach until the end of june so I guess she went on vacations afterwards. I think most of teachers in universities (here in Canada and in France) take 1 month of vacations during the summer, usually in july. I wrote to her again last week but I still have'nt got an answer...

I really need to do this student exchange to complete my MA thesis. That's why I'm worried. Why is'nt she answering to my emails? Maybe I am a little bit impatient. Maybe she doesn't answer e-mails during her vacations? I don't know :mellow:

I am doing my MA degree in sociology at the University of Montreal by the way.

Thanks for reading me.

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Could be any number of reasons; intentionally blowing you off probably isn't it. I would send a kindly reminder, or if she has a phone call her (enough time has elapsed between email and phone call).

When possible I phone people; email is great for a first contact, but since the email has become a bit more ubiquitous than the phone in dealing with these kinds of issues in academics, it's too easy to ignore or mistakenly pass over. A quickie phone call to her or an admin in her dept. leaving a messag (or inquiring if she is on campus) will do far more to get the result you want.

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Since you said that she also discussed this opportunity with your advisor, I might go to them as well and tell them about your situation. For me, I would not want to burn bridges by over emailing her (a reminder email is harmless, but if you send her another email and she doesn't respond, I might not send her one) so I would ask my advisor, who might generate a bit more spur in her to respond, to email/call her about this opportunity for you to go over there and work for her.

There are a number of reasons why she isn't responding- the most likely is she's taken time off like you suggest...however, there could be issues around the funding/placement for you that she is trying to figure out.

Before you act, I would talk to your advisor and get their opinion. Best of luck! Sounds like a fantastic opportunity- I am green with envy :)

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