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Ok, for those of you already in/already attending Ohio State, I have a question about their fellowships and funding. I've been nominated for fellowships, but the decisions won't be made until early March. However, I'm trying to do some preliminary comparison of offers and was wondering if anyone knew whether the fellowship amount is added to your department stipend or replaces it. I've tried reading the uni's info on this, and couldn't quite figure it out, despite being smart enough to get in to grad school. :)

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To all who have been wondering about the money situation...I just got am email from my advisor, confirming that I am getting funded for the next 5 years. Not details on dollar amounts, just the confirmation.

Good luck to everyone else who has been wondering! I'm guessing this means that you will all hear soon!

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So today's the official notification day for fellowship offers ... does anyone know if they will send e-mails or just snail mail?

well, maybe email...

in my case, in Feb I was told by the coordinator of the area about the date they would announce the funding result. After one week of the earlier stated date, I thought the delay may suggest some bad news so I wrote to that coordinator to confirm... However, 5 min later, the grad coordinator wrote to me with the funding letter attached. After another 10 min or so, the head prof of the area wrote to me a congratulation of getting fellowship and he CCed the letter to all the profs of that area!!

Oh god, I was scared by them! I feel they are pushy in doing this...they are making me quite uncomfortable....

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