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Just wondering if anyone has experience with this pen:


I've been thinking of getting it. It integrates with OneNote, which is definitely nice...you can even hook it up to your laptop while you write, so it's almost like a tablet.


Yes.  They work surprisingly well and have a discrete recorder if you're into that kind of thing.  You do not need the paper that they sell, you can make your own (I only say this because I usually write on 26LB paper versus the usual 24LB - mental difference, but a difference).

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I have the Livescribe but I stopped using it. Not because it didn't work, but because I was making really really long recordings and never listening to them. My PhD seminars are about 3 hours each. It's just too much.  But it did work great.

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Yes. I'm a big fan. They're fantastic. I hate missing bits of lectures/seminars, and it's really rather unfeasible to do a verbatim transcription. Using the LiveScribe allowed me to listen to the entire thing over again, or focus on specific sections, etc. Their special notebooks aren't even that much more expensive than everyday ones.

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I have one. used it as an undergrad. brought it with me for grad school (to prepare if I ever have classes with professors that may not give good lecture, or heavy accents given that I also am not a English native speaker). turned out that I rarely have time to revise my notes under normal circumstances, so I gave up using my livescribe pen.


And I just realized that's pretty much what TheFez said. But I supposed it depends on the field of study. It might works better for some students than the other. In general though, the pen is a great tool. If you find a good deal of this pen, go get it.

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