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Have a dog? Please read this.


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(I apologize if this is an inappropriate topic for this forum.)

In case you weren't aware, the FDA issued a warning in 2007 about the dangers of chicken jerky dog treats made in China. The problem has not been resolved, yet neither the FDA nor the companies involved have done anything to take the treats off the shelves. You can read the warning here, and there are various (recent) news articles on the same topic around the web.

My dog died yesterday just a day after eating one of these treats, and in her memory I'm trying to spread the word as best as I can. Please do what you can to share this information with others, so that we can prevent more needless deaths.

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I'm SO sorry about your pup. :( Yes, I've seen this in the news...first it was the "Waggin' Train" treats, and then I read just this week it was most jerky treats produced in China, and was already the primary cause of 360+ doggie fatalities. :( :( :(

What a strange "Brave New World" we live in, where companies are allowed to be so non-transparent about where the food we eat is sourced.

Perhaps a cross-post to "The Pet Thread?" That one was getting lots of traffic for a few months.

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. :(

Something to add is that some companies still source their jerky from China but can somehow label their products from the US- it seems most chicken jerky is like that. If people can't make their own, I would suggest avoiding chicken jerky for awhile longer- unless you know for sure it's source. We use baked sweet potato slices (1/4" thick, 250 for 3 hours) as an alternative.

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