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my daily schedule at the moment:

get up, check e-mail, take out the dog.

eat something, shower, dress, check e-mail.

pretend to work on my thesis while I wait for the mail to come. check e-mail.

experience crushing disappointment over lack of grad school letters. check e-mail.

mope for about an hour. check e-mail.

get mad at myself for moping, actually work on the thesis. check e-mail.

walk the dog. check e-mail.

make dinner, eat, check e-mail.

check e-mail, go to bed.

sound about right? :lol:

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Wake up ~6 am, check email and applications and gradcafe obsessively, alternating with news/weather forecast/other useful things. Planned time on internet first thing in the morning: 30 min; actual time: has been known to be up to 6 hours.

Shower, dress, breakfast, go to uni: sometime between 6.30 and 12.

On computer at uni: between 7.30 am (variable) and 2.30 pm, with start time variable. During this time I am supposedly writing my thesis, but as you may suppose, large chunks of this time dissappear as I check email/applications/gradcafe.

2.30-5.00pm: research in archives. No internet access here. Some solid work, though mostly making notes for future work - "look up XYZ" "Compare doc A to doc B".

5.00-630pm: Back to office. Plan to work till home time. Open appropriate word documents, but more of the normalchecking application related things (despite it being ~midnight in decision making time zone. Feel guilty for lack of work, take lots of reading home to make up for it.

7-7.30: Watch incredibly trashy local soap.

7.30pm - midnight: Have appropriate books/journal articles strewn around, while watching TV/talkiing to flatties/wasting time on internet/otherwise not accomplishing anything. Get ready for bed, ponder staying up a couple more hours until it's business hours in the US.

Saturday: as above, but starting later, and without archives.

Sun-Mon: similar to other days, but with less disappointment at not receiving any results from appplications.

Eagerly cancel going to archives/writing thesis during the day to do social things. BUT, decline other social things, especially evening/weekends, to work on thesis, then don't do any work but instead the inevitable emai/application/gradcafe results obsession.

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