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phd in biostatistics... what are my chances?


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I wish to apply for the fall of 2013 for phd in biostats. I have scored 314 (161 Q/ 153 V). I have completed b.sc and m.sc from mumbai university with average scores in both the exams. Also, the major flaw in my profile would be lack of research in the intended area. I have complied the following list and an honest opinion would be appreciated:

1. Virginia Commonwealth U 2. Oklahima State Uni 3. Ukentucky 4. baylor university 5. Uvirginia 6.ucsb 7.u c riverside 8.oregon state university 9. university of texas houston 10. VT 11. George washington 12. FSU 13. Colorado state

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I think your GRE Q is decent enough for acceptance, but maybe not to the top programs like JHU, UW, or Harvard.... Your GPA, LOR's and grades in pre-req math classes will also play a role, so it's hard to say what your chances are without knowing those

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From some of the posts I read on here (regarding some of the better programs) from guys like cyberwulf it seems like about high 150's or better for the GRE quantitative is the cutoff (which you have). Like Noco said your GPA (esp in math classes), overall math background, statements, and rec letters play big parts in the app, but not so much the GRE scores (as long as that cutoff is satisfied) or prior research experience. If you don't feel strong in a lot of those areas you may consider submitting some MS applications along with PhD's for safety (from what I understand first two years or so of PhD is very similar to the MS program anyway since you're just taking background courses and browsing the subjects).

Good luck!

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