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Need Serious Help/Advice On Deciding Where To Apply


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Hi all,

I just finished taking my GRE today and don't have much money to spend on college grad. applications, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with BME M.S. applications, and could let me know what schools, preferably in NY state, I would be competitive for/ should apply to? I would do the research myself but I can't afford to buy the U.S. News Engineering Compass so I have no idea what the average GRE scores for any schools are, and regular web searches only show minimum requirements but I really want to see averages.

My GPA: 3.085 (rounds to a 3.1?)

GRE Verbal - 154 (510-520 old scale)

GRE Quant. - 157 (730 old scale)

As you can see all of my grades/scores are very mediocre, so I have no idea where I should apply, again preferably in NY, but any advice on any school anywhere would be great, if I get an offer from an out of state school I wouldn't mind going. I'm going to be graduating from UB (SUNY Buffalo) with B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. Thanks for the help in advance!

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You don't need to buy a (*flawed*) product from US News to find this out. Just call the admissions office of whichever school you are interested in and ask what the average GPA and GRE of their incoming class is. Some of them probably even have that info on their websites.

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Thanks so much for the reply. Yes I've been looking on web sites, but since I'm aiming a little lower, somewhere around the #48 ranked schools and down, they only seem to have minimum requirements listed as opposed to having incoming averages. I didn't know if calling the admissions offices was appropriate for this, but it couldn't hurt to try, so I'll definitely give it a shot tomorrow.

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Since you are still in college, you can also talk to your professors about this. Do you have an advisor, or a professor you took a class with and really like? Ask them where your grades and test scores, along with other accomplishments, will make you competitive.

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