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pure math - ranking range with highest chances


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Hi all,

I was wondering if you can advise me on the estimated ranking region for US pure math programs where i might have the best chances (eg top X, mid Y, ... etc). i am international student. I have an undergrad degree in math and in computer science from an unreputed school (top national) (3.95/4.0 math gpa, 3.91/4.0 CS gpa), I graduated last year. i have 3 really strong recommendation letters from 3 american professors. my gre quant. is 96th% (still haven't taken the math gre). As for upper level courses, I have taken algebraic geometry, 2 real analysis, complex analysis, formal logic, topology, number theory, abstract algebra, Galois theory (all A's). i have ~2 yrs of research experience in CS but no publications. i am also in my final year of medicine school in another top national school which i studied concurrently with my math and CS program.

I would like to know your opinion regarding my chances given my low reputation school, how high should i be aiming (according to us news ranking for example) and how high should my safety schools be? how much would math gre affect such target given i am not domestic?

thanks a lot for your help

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