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So, somehow I've managed to make it to this point in my academic career without ever having to put together a CV or resume. A few of my applications this year ask for one, and I want to make sure I don't leave it for the absolute last minute.

Does anyone have any suggestions of places to look for formatting ideas? Any particular websites that you used and liked? Any of your own tips and tricks?

Thanks :)

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I looked up all my professors CV's (they're usually online) and copied the sections I liked the best for the formatting and section headers. Also the wording seemed to differ between each one, so I kind of "grazed" from about 4 different CV's when it came to how I worded things. You'll see from multiple examples which styles you think work best for you.

Good luck!

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IMO, the best way to find out what a good academic CV looks like is to go to various English department websites and take a look at the CVs that the professors have uploaded. A large amount of them, especially the top schools, have full pdf versions of their CV uploaded. While it's very unlikely that you'll need the 8-12 pages that some of them have, you can at least look at how they set up the various sections of their CV and how they've ordered their accomplishments. Hope this helps!

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Any suggestions for different categories? I've been out of academia for a long while. I'm thinking:


teaching experience

professional associations/memberships




I guess my question is where exactly to put the work experience info. It includes being a research assistant in the field for one year.

Finally, how much detail do I include about courses I've taught?

Any opinions welcome!

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I am by no means an expert, but I can share what I did for my CV.

Towards the end of my CV, I have a "Professional Activities" section that lists work and volunteer experience that is relevant: writing, editing, student advising, and professional development experience. As for teaching, I listed the years, school, and courses taught for each position. Hope that helps!

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Proflorax, you've been adjuncting, right? (Maybe I'm wrong.) Did you work at multiple places? Ugh. I'm struggling with how to list all of them. I was pretty happy with my resume, but UC requires a CV and a recommender has asked for more detail. I just asked her for her own cv because i don't know where she wants the detail. The course description? Job dets? Thanks for the advice :)

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