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Classics w/ Sanskrit integration


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I'm looking for a graduate classics program in which I'd be able to integrate my interest in Sanskrit for comparative grammar and mythology. I have found that SUNY Buffalo offers some Sanskrit and Indo-European linguistics as part of its classics program. Do you know of any other schools out there?

I'm mindful of UCLA's I-E Linguistics program, but that's in Los Angeles, 405 Freeway traffic, education bubble, unaffordable living, Crips, Bloods, MS-13, ughhhh, no thanks!

Thanks for your help.

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UPenn appears to have Sanskrit in their South Asia Studies. I'm pretty sure grads can take classes outside of their home department and the Classics program is certainly strong.

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UCLA is not located in the dangerous part of Los Angeles. It is bordered by Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Brentwood. You are probably thinking of USC (which is Downtown).

Also, while the state of California as a whole is suffering economically, UCLA and Berkeley are doing quite well.

I believe that the stipend for students in the Indo-European program is around $23,000 a year. Certainly enough to afford a decent place in Culver, Brentwood, or Westwood.

Just thought I'd offer my two cents.

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Related question, how common is it for US Classicists to have Sanskrit or other languages? I'm firmly a Hellenist but a lot of the UG courses here offer comp phil courses and I can read Sanskrit and a few other IE languages, I've met with people from Princeton and Harvard who are into that too and I know that UCLA is the US home of comp phil, I was just wondering in general. Is it a course that most universities would allow you to teach?

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