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Speech Language Pathology Personal Statements - HELP!

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This is my second time around applying to the SLP programs at various schools. I find my biggest struggle is writing the personal statement! I have plenty of content, but it is always entirely too long (3.5 pages). Does anyone have any tips or pointers on how to shorten it? I've included my journey to speech (I am a career changer), one or two personal anecdotes, why I am interested in BLANK school and what I hope to do after graduating.

Also, does anyone know if I can use the abbreviations "SLP" in place of speech language pathologist throughout the essay? I find that these words take up a lot of space within the essay.

Thank you in advance!!!

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I seem to be having the same exact problem! I do feel though that if what you are discussing is interesting and you have the reader involved, 3.5 pages can go very quickly! remember its quality over quantity. good luck!

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Ha, I have the opposite problem; I think my SLP SOP is a bit too short, but I'm not sure how to pump it up.

It's also hard because there aren't really any viable SOP samples out there for SLP.

I ended up getting a med school SOP book, but I'm not sure if that format makes sense given the different and far more comprehensive nature of the med school application and interview process.

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One tip to shorten it -- (I'm also applying for SLP) -- use more concise phrases / verbage. Match your verb tenses. Check your writing style. Be Yourself. As you re-read your SOP or LOIntent, check yourself with these three questions:

1) Does this sentence state something new?

2) Is this sentence connected to the one before or after? (you don't necessarily want it to connect to BOTH before and after because then you can cross the line to redundancy)

3) Does this sentence state something that the Admissions committee already knows?

Other tips I've found in various online searches lately:

- don't use "basic" words to define bigger ones

- try not to re-state anything unless you feel it needs particular emphasis in your admissions consideration

- Remember not to summarize what is already on your CV or resume in your SOP ... they do look at everything and you don't have to summarize the resume. They might ask for 'Specific' experiences that helped you make the decision to apply, etc, and those are good details to point out, but not too much text on that since they can see it twice already.

- One university had a tip of "no flowery or fluffy" language - be clear, concise, and don't let the committee feel like they're reading your life's story. Point out what matters, let them WANT to ask your more about specific things (if there is an interview process), and try not to put in quotes that just add fluff.

- If the grad program has any specific questions or a list of topics to write about, be sure to tailor your SOP to that, don't just copy/paste and change school name ... be specific to each program.

I don't know if that can help you shorten your writing for the SOP, but remembering those tips has definitely helped me today as I am editing the SOP for one of my applications.

Good luck!!!

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Thanks everyone for your words and encouragement! I am sure we can all do it - just keep going back and reading your SOPs and editing gets easier that way. I have been cutting it down significantly and I feel a little better about it. KCald- Thank you so much for your tips!!! I have been using them as I edit and I find they are making a huge difference. Good luck to all :)

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