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GRE results - ask for your advice


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Hi all,

I recently took the GRE, and the unofficial computed score was 160 for V, 165 for Q. I don't know my writing score yet, but figure it's 4-ish.

I'm planning to apply for an MPH in Yale, Columbia, UNC, UC Berkeley. Harvard is far-fetched but I'm still thinking of giving it a shot.

I was recently awarded with the Fulbright scholarship, which will cover everything provided that they honor my choices of school. Due to limited budget, they usually want to send students to public unis, whose programs are just as good, but cost less.

Thus, if I'd like my choices to be honored, my scores and everything have to be good. I would like to ask you guys if my GRE scores are okay for my dream schools. Should I retake for a higher V score, or it doesn't really matter? I would also appreciate any advice on the application process. The Fulbright program will apply on my behalf, but should I keep applying individually to raise my chance?

Thanks a million!

P.S. I'm an international student. Undergrad education has nothing to do with Public Health. GPA 3.0. Nothing special, but has really good work experience and rec letters.

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Well done littleprincess , congratulations I think those scores are gr8 given they put you above 50th percentile ffor most of those schools.

Actually I would like to read everyone's procpect on this since I have a very similar situation being an international student with a fulbright grant for an MPH as well and my choices are almost identical to yours-though my dream school is JHSPH Bloomberg

However I haven't done the GRE yet , since the voucher was sent just yesterday and I am really terrified of this test because it is the only part of my application that is comparable to american applicants and I have very limited time to prepare so I want to know what should be my target score

I am a physician and working now as a TA for community at med school while working on a master degree at my home institute

I have an undergraduate GPA of I guess 3.9 or 4,0-converted to american system- with honors, and postgrad so far all my grades are A or A-

my biggest weakness is that I have limited research experience -RA on couple of thesis and a WHO project-though none where I were a principal author

and my practical experience is mostly clinical as a med student then an intern, in addition to some importent volunteer work e,g. medical convoys to underprivilaged areas , health surveys , screening programs , charity work ,.....

I also had a two month clerkship grant while being an intern at GWU and had a training seminar grant to a work with a group of the best professors in the field of child psychaitry and mental health-my main focus- last summer,

though what do you think? am I aiming too high

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I am also a Fulbright applicant (from USA) and those GRE scores are very, very good especially a 160V for an international student. What the Fulbright committee told me is that often universities accept us automatically just because we have Fulbright status, i.e. for their reputation, so honestly i don't think you'd have to retake the GRE if that's what you're asking.

But, that "rule" maybe different if coming to USA from abroad, instead of the other way around..

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Thanks very much :) I got my writing score - 4.5 - not very good, but I don't think I'll retake. I doubt that I'll get in one of those top schools with my mediocre GPA (3.25), but simply have no time since I'm working full time now...

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Hey, I am also a Fulbrighter and they told me that I should retake the GRE because my V score of 161 is too low for my preferences (Pol. Sci: Columbia, NYU, Princeton). However, they are willing to send my application to these schools since both scores are above the 80th percentile. I guess it also depends on the program you're applying to. I wouldn't retake the GRE in your case.

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