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Mechanical Engineering 2009


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Hey guys! I'm an MS applicant all around and have yet to hear from anyone, a bit excrutiating :P

Feel a bit bad about the 2-3 MS acceptances at Stanford though =/

Anyone know why mech eng applicants are notified so late compared to other degrees?

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I'm planning a road trip to visit some of my schools, so it would be nice to know which ones I need to visit...

I've already pretty much ruled out Colorado and Minnesota. They're two schools that I would have really liked to attend, but I received no funding.

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Yeah, so far I haven't gotten funding anywhere, but my fingers are still crossed. I really want to hear from a couple more before spring break so that I can have a nice little cross-country trip of my own to go visit. As of now the only school on that visit list is Georgia Tech.

And lightyears, Minnesota is too cold. I am here at Illinois, and the cold already bugs me. haha.

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How come there are so many EE topics but only one ME!! Where are our ME people! :D

i got accepted into Georgia Tech, but as far as i remember, they told me the financial information will be available to me around April. Somehow i've seen some applicants on this forum that has Georgia Tech accepted, but no funding... How's this possible?

anyone know?

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just got an acceptance from Stanford! But no funding..

Even the official campus visit is not reimbursed :cry:

Still though man, major congratulations :mrgreen:


Btw saw a result posted (I'm getting a bit psychotic about checking it). Did you apply for management + engineering or pure mech?

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i applied for pure mech MS.

Right now, I have an offer to work on PhD with full funding (tuition + stipend) at Cornell...

Which one would be a better choice? I've always wanted to do masters, but the full funding is , well, a considerable factor :shock:

Not that I want your spot or anything :P but considering that mech eng at MS level at Stanford is usually considered a cash cow for them and by no means guarantees PhD admission and that Cornell is almost on the same level as Stanford, albeit lacking the Cali weather :(, I'd probably recommend Cornell. Worst come to worst you can take the free MS form Cornell and reapply! You will also have to take into account your fit with their research and supervisors.

I'm not sure if I'd do this as Stanford is Stanford but from everything I've read it seems like the sound decision...

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thanks for your valuable input!

first of all, i applied for masters at all of my schools, including Cornell. They apparently got rid of the option to just go for MS in mechanical engineering, so now it's either M.Eng or PhD. I was also informed (by a fellow applicant, not 100% reliable) that if I want to just drop out after getting my masters, it would take something like three years. Not to mention the adviser will probably hate me for it..

Because of the full funding part, I'm so torn apart.. I've always wanted to work in industry rather than work as a researcher, but my options are differ too much on costs :(

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I really can't see why dropping out of your MS (or MEng but I think that's Cornell's equivalent) would take you more than 2 years which is the common amount of time required at most universities. He is right about your supervisor potentially giving you some grief but from what I have read, if you feel that it is not the right fit for you after two years and you'd want to be somewhere else, your supervisor would pick up on this and hey they're not evil people they won't force you to do research you don't want to do.

There are conflicting taughts on the matter however and it is considered bad practice, but if you don't have a choice, hey what can you do you know...

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