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UIUC or Georgia Tech, which one is better in EE?

EE Applicant

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I think both have very strong reputations. If I were comparing two resumes with students from each school I'd consider the schools attended to be a wash. It looks like you are in the fortunate position of being able to choose based on soft factors like location, adviser, etc.

Do you like hot summers or cold winters? :)

Also, just in case you are curious, UIUC is 4th in EE this year, while Ga Tech is 6th. Like I said, not much difference. The differences there are fairly arbitrary.

In terms of overall engineering rankings, Ga tech is 4th, while UIUC is 5th. So again, pretty much a wash.

I'm not familiar enough with emag or optics to tell you which has a better program.

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UIUC has a FANTASTIC EE program, especially in the area of photonics and electromagnetics - we've got some major impact in the field with faculty such as Nick Holonyak. Also, it seems that reputation-wise, saying you came from UIUC EE has a little more leverage than saying you came from Georgia Tech, but it may just be the people I've interacted with.

Disclaimer: I did my undergrad at UIUC.

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