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Issue with ID (passport) name vs. GRE account name...


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I know this will sound stupid (especially when it's coming from someone who couldn't tell the difference between first name and last name when suffering from high fevers), BUT - months ago, when I registered for the GRE account online, I was suffering from flu and was in a hurry, and I put my first name as my last name. In my passport, it's the other way round.

My question/concern is - will this be a major problem when scores are reported to schools?

I tried to correct the stupid mistake online but still can't...

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When do you have the test? When I registered for the TOEFL, I only added my first last name, and I have two. I sent them an email and they replied with instructions on how could I correct it (by sending them a fax with some documents).

The thing is that the process takes about 10 days or so.

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My exam's on Dec 10th (I know it's late, I am trying to catch the remaining Jan deadlines and I know I won't make the Dec deadlines) - I appeared for one last week but the scores weren't that great, and so trying to give that another shot.

HOWEVER, at the testing center, there were no issues.

I have one last name (unlike yours - you said you had two of them...)...

I will try emailing them and see if this is an issue or not. I'm worried about scores being reported to schools at the moment - if they see that my first name is my last name (which is NOT, it's the other way round), I don't know if that will mess up the application process.

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