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  1. Has anyone heard back from UMass Amherst Microbiology? There is only one "email interview" posted in the results section. I also emailed the grad admissions but have not received any replies...
  2. Yes, I am Canadian (naturalized citizen) but I have been living in the US for the past five years... Thanks for the info - it is getting extremely competitive to get into top programs that guarantee funding.
  3. Can you please give me advice on how international students apply for funding in PhD programs in USA? I did go through websites of some schools, and some of them do indicate that they offer TAships, assistantships, and others. But for programs that require contact with potential advisors who are looking for graduate students before applying, do you need to indicate that you will be needing funding and expenses? I did apply to only one university this cycle (UMass Amherst), but I haven't heard back from any of those three programs I applied to, and am dreading rejections anyway. How do international students bring funds to work in labs? Sorry about my poorly worded post, thanks!
  4. If you don't mind me asking - can you please tell me how will you be funded? Did you apply for any international scholarships? Thanks.
  5. I am in a similar situation as you are to a certain extent, except that I already have both undergraduate and masters degrees in biotechnology and cell biology from outside of USA (which is why I applied as an international student for fall 2019 cycle to three PhD programs at UMass Amherst). I had only one course in biostats and bioinformatics each during my masters. This year, I applied to only one university and haven’t heard back from any of those three programs I applied to. Planning to work on improving my gre scores, plus trying to see if I could do anything to enrich my experiences this summer - I plan to apply to programs other than microbiology such as computational biology. But I am barely finding anything as there’s limited opportunities for international students to intern anywhere in labs, and some of the summer courses are expensive. I’m sorry if I sounded too lengthy in your post here, but sometimes I feel lost.
  6. Wow I am in the same situation as you are. I also worked at a research institution for 5 years and now would like to pursue a PhD. I applied to only one university this time. If I get rejected I will need to look for more schools to apply for 2020, plus I was looking to see how I could enrich my career further this summer.
  7. I applied to only one university this year (UMass Amherst) and three programs (Chemistry, Microbiology and Mol. Bio). Since I have not received anything yet, I am not feeling optimistic anymore. Are there any summer courses or programs I could take to enrich my profile/cv? Any input would be appreciated. If there is anything similar to this topic I will delete this thread. Thanks...
  8. Any news from UMass Amherst Microbiology - anyone?
  9. I applied to microbiology, MCB and Chemistry programs - UMASS Amherst. Has anyone heard back from any of these programs? I checked the results section and two people posted open house invites from MCB program.
  10. I wish to apply for the 2020 fall in any biological sciences program (PhD in microbiology or cell biology). However, I need advice as to how to look for grad schools that offer childcare, including information about affordability. I keep browsing through so many universities - I have two children and I will be relying heavily on resources while I’m busy with hectic coursework and others. I also couldn’t locate any relevant thread/topic here. If there is, can someone please provided the link so that I can delete this thread if needed? Thanks...
  11. When have you taken the exam? Last April? If so how did you do?
  12. http://mostafaworld.yolasite.com/resources/Biology.pdf When I was practicing I was only able to find this one online. If you are looking for more there's Kaplan GRE Bio textbooks older than 2016 and they can be purchased from Amazon.
  13. I am also appearing for the April exam this year, in my case I am following whatever's in the syllabus on ETS website (with the help of some textbooks). But I am unsure about practice questions - don't know about you but I feel this isn't enough. I was thinking of purchasing books through Amazon but don't know what to get for practice. How about you?
  14. How authentic is online editing/allowing someone else to edit your draft and paying them online? And what websites are out there - anyone have any examples?
  15. Depends on the schools you are applying to... If they need subject GREs some mention their averages in the websites. If you are applying for Biotech, your high score in Mol. Cell. Bio. is a plus point, because I'm a Biotech major myself, and haven't come across anything related to Organismal or Ecol/Evol Biology... I would have submitted the scores if I were you. I wonder why you opted for Bio GRE subject instead of Biochem GRE subject... But it's all good
  16. I am in the same boat as you are, but I will be applying to biological sciences for grad studies.
  17. Ditto. I rewrote the exam last week after I was unsatisfied with my November scores. Two passages were repeated.
  18. Its getting tougher day by day for us international students, eh?
  19. I also need mine to be reviewed - BUT I do not want to post it here. Can I email it to someone else here? That would be greatly appreciated...
  20. My exam's on Dec 10th (I know it's late, I am trying to catch the remaining Jan deadlines and I know I won't make the Dec deadlines) - I appeared for one last week but the scores weren't that great, and so trying to give that another shot. HOWEVER, at the testing center, there were no issues. I have one last name (unlike yours - you said you had two of them...)... I will try emailing them and see if this is an issue or not. I'm worried about scores being reported to schools at the moment - if they see that my first name is my last name (which is NOT, it's the other way round), I don't know if that will mess up the application process.
  21. I know this will sound stupid (especially when it's coming from someone who couldn't tell the difference between first name and last name when suffering from high fevers), BUT - months ago, when I registered for the GRE account online, I was suffering from flu and was in a hurry, and I put my first name as my last name. In my passport, it's the other way round. My question/concern is - will this be a major problem when scores are reported to schools? I tried to correct the stupid mistake online but still can't...
  22. Well, I am not a student of Comp Sci, but if I were you, I would firstly go through the requirements on department webpages, and look at the International equivalents to the US degrees. After that I would apply... If you have time to retake the GRE, try to increase both the scores to 160's.
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