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CV - include manuscript 'in preparation'?


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So I'm putting the finishing touches on my CV, and I'm debating whether or not to include the manuscript I am currently working on. The manuscript itself is written and in the editing stages, but what is holding me back from submitting before the deadline is that (after I've finished my edits, which still will take a good bit of time) it has to go through my co-author in the field, who expects that it will take him at least two weeks to put in his edits and turn it back to me (at which point I have to include those edits, then turn the manuscript into the head of the organization I'm working with for approval, and god knows how long it will take to get off HIS desk). ANYWAY. It's not gonna happen before December.

So my question is, should I include the manuscript as 'in preparation' under my publications, or leave it out altogether? I should add: I am first author on this paper, which my supervisor and co-author both feel will definitely be accepted into a major journal in my field. My only other two published papers are with undergraduate journals.

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I think it's common in the early stages (grad school, post-docs) to include manuscripts in various stages pre-publication, because it shows what you're working on and what you have in the channel.

I delineate on my CV between "in preparation", "under review", "in revision" and "accepted".

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I'm in a similar position and have a related question: How much difference does it make for admission purposes if a manuscript is 'in progress' or already submitted? I might be able to get one, possibly two submitted by the deadlines, but barely and only at the expense of working on my SoP etc., so I wonder if it'd be worth it?

(Already posted this in the CS forum, but might actually fit better here anyways. - Sorry about the double post.)

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From my understanding, it's a significant boost.

You can say anything is in progress no matter what state it's in. And while you can say anything is submitted anywhere, it still means something that it's finished enough to submit.

If it's actually out for review (usually won't take too long to get sent out to reviewers, I wouldn't think) that's even better, because it means that the editor didn't reject it on the spot, and thought it was worth reviewers spending time on. And then you can put "Under Review".

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