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When to call the admissions office


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I applied for a masters program at City College for spring 2013.

I submitted my application in late Sept, and the automated response indicated that the decision will be available in 4-6 weeks. Now I'm at my 8th week, and it's driving me crazy!

My application status reads "Dean Review" and has been like that for nearly 7 weeks.

I tried calling the office, but they weren't too helpful in telling me what was going on.

Should I try calling them again, wishing there might be a more helpful staff there?

Or should I just try my patience?

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Check and see what their website says about applicants calling. One of the programs I applied to, said DO NOT call about your admissions status. I just got my decision this week from JULY, and I wasn't even wait listed. Keep in mind everything was on pause during the storm (I'm assuming City College is in NY?). All the schools I applied to were affected by the storm, and the one office actually called me to see if I had gotten my letter. It took the letter over a week to get to me after it was mailed. The guy told my my decision had already been made prior to the storm, but the other applicants that didn't have decisions yet wouldn't be hearing too soon, because of everything still getting caught up on. I would say it's really only been about 4-6 weeks, because you have to allow them a week because they were probably closed, a week because they were dealing with no phones etc, and another week for catch up. I'd give it til Dec 1. I know some schools have said no decisions were going out until Dec 1 because of trying to get everything caught up.

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^I agree with the above.

8 weeks is a long time to keep you hanging, especially considering they put a 6 week max in their automated e-mail. At the same time, you don't want to piss someone off, so it's probably best to check the website first. If the website doesn't discourage you from calling, a friendly email or phone check-up should be in order.

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