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  1. the first row needs to be "frozen" but seems like someone changed it at a some point. it should be ok now
  2. If you have a dinner scheduled on the previous day of the interview, is it ok to just wear casual clothes (instead of business attire) for the dinner? Is jeans ok?
  3. I bet a lot of people are interested in NYU Social lol
  4. Anyone from NYU social psychology? Please PM me your PI
  5. No I'm not sure.. but the invitation reads to rsvp by jan 21 and doesn't mention anything about multiple dates.
  6. Yes - I was actually invited to both Newark and New Brunswick. I am surprised about the timeline though as well.
  7. NB is on the 28th, Newark is on the 7th.
  8. I just received Rutgers invitation for Feb 28. However, I am eagerly waiting to hear from NYU social psych, and have a feeling that they might have their interviews on Feb 28 as well, since looking at last year's interview schedule, it seems like NYU social psych dept do their interviews in late Feb or early March. And as you can tell from my line of thoughts, my first choice is NYU. Rutgers invitation didn't indicate how soon I should RSVP by. How long can I wait to RSVP? Is a week too long to wait?
  9. It seems like in the past, UCLA's Cognitive psych program skipped the interviews, but on their website it says their interviews are scheduled on Jan 31/Feb1. Does anyone know if the Cog psych department changed the procedures this year?
  10. Same here! Columbia (POI) for the person who received an interview on Jan 1. Thanks!
  11. Can the person who got an interview from Columbia let me know who the PI was? Since the school is so selective, and that person had an interview contact on Jan 1, I have a hunch that I've been rejected…
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