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GRE Scores for Counseling Masters


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Hey guys, I have undiagnosed ADHD and had my GRE in September. I don't have the money to take it again for now (but will possibly retake in January). Counseling masters programs don't often look at the math section, so here are my scores. I want to know if they are good enough to get into a program:

Q: 144 (20%)

V: 159 (80%)

AW: 5.0 (92%)

As you can see, I excelled in analytical writing and did fairly well in verbal, however, I did way below average in quantitative. I want to know if this will affect my application. I have a combined GPA of 3.4 (3.78 at community college, 3.10 at The College of New Jersey). I also have 1 internship and a year's worth of research lab volunteering experience. Should I retake the GRE? I'm confident I'll score at or above for verbal and analytical, but quantitative- what should I aim for? I'm applying to 10 counseling programs and 2 social work programs.

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The GRE's are mostly a formality for counseling programs, they are not very competitive. If I were you I would go for Social Work because they have more job opportunities and a bigger lobby. They also earn more if that is important to you.

This is coming from a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student about to graduate.

Your scores are fine, unless you apply to some of the top notch social work programs (which I dont know) you should have 0 problems getting in.

If counseling is what you truly desire then good luck! If it's not or you are in doubt do social work or something else. It can be a high stress low pay environment.

Hope that wasn't too much of a downer.

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No it wasn't, now I applied to Hunter for Social Work as well- these are the SW programs I've applied to: Hunter, Rutgers, and Temple. Do I have a chance of getting into any of those? My worry is I only have 1 internship working in the social services for at-risk teens in an urban environment. I also did research on prejudice and development.

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