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Deciding the Angle- School Psychology

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So, I've written probably 14 different personal statements, and I still can't determine which angle I want to shoot for. So any advice, second pair of eyes, etc would be greatly appreciated.

I'm aiming for a M.S in School Psychology directed towards secondary/high school children with autism concentrations. And my concern isn't having ENOUGH to write, but I can easily overwrite, or make the material too impersonal.


My resume/vitae delves into three years of direct care (working in mental health/developmental disabilities) with very varied populations including schizophrenia, personality disorders, mood & anxiety. Mainly I've helped adults with coping and life skill building, but also with children who have Pervasive Developmental Disabilities (i.e. autism) at a summer camp. As well as teaching college level classes.


I have a B.S. Psychology Counseling & writing minor (3.42 GPA total). I also have poster conferences, research assistance-ships, executive board positions (a medieval renn club & psychology club), teaching assistant, etc


I moved a heck of a lot. After a car accident (when I was about 6), one of my parents ended up with a seizure disorder. The seizures were constant for the next several years. Unfortunately, the experimental medication had a side effect-making them violent. My other parent was busy working three hours away (so seeing them maybe once every other weekend). We also ended up in a bankruptcy right before I ended up in college, and about a year later one of my parents came out as being transgender.


So, while personal is considered... well, THE faux pas, I have a rather juicy story. One that can demonstrate an ability to relate and assist people with several different components of childhood problems. Both as a mental health professional and a person. Also, all of the schooling and work would be very visible and evident on other components of the application. On the other hand, I don't want that to end up an achille's heel to an otherwise strong application.

I would greatly appreciate any insight. Thanks!

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