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What to send to professors?

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What do I send professors as information about the programs I'm applying to?

Also, my one school's deadline is in 2 weeks! But, they will not send out the request for recommendations until I submit the application. does this mean that they're not due on the 15th?

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Unfortunately, I think Quant_Liz_Lemon is correct. The applications that are run like that are a bit annoying, but you need to submit them with extra time.

As far as what to send professors, you should send a list of schools with due dates, your SOP, your CV, and anything else that might help them write the letter.

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In response to your question about what to send, my general feeling is that more is better.... As long as it's well organized so that your recommenders can reference what they like. In my packets, I included:

1) Stamped, addressed envelopes for each program requiring mailed letters

2) An overview of where letters need to go and when organized by medium (mail, online, email, etc.), a checklist-like spreadsheet, and a general overview of quotes from department websites about what they want to see in letters,

3) CV, SOP, writing samples

4) A letter on our professional experiences together to help them recall useful information that might be included in a letter (and as a sentimental thanks)

5) My UG and grad transcripts

6) Any papers I had written for them

7) A concise outline of other professional accomplishments

8) A card with a hand-written thank you note & Starbucks gift card

I also emailed a version of the packet with hyperlinks.

This is a lot of information, so it needs to be well organized to be useful... if you're not careful, your recommenders will get lost in a sea of information. A table of contents helps. My recommenders expressed real gratitude and said the packet really helped (one mentioned it in her letter! hehe).

All you really need, though: list of schools, CV, SOP, writing samples (finished or not)

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From my applications, the ones that only let you submit recommendation AFTER your application is submitted, you should start ASAP. Some schools even assign you their IDs for 2-3 work days, THEN you can sent your recommender requests.

Usually I just sent my recommenders my resume, unofficial transcript, and deadlines for the schools. The recommenders usually just ask for resume, assuming they know other information about you ( research/grades in their class).

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