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What are my Chances?


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I am applying to Northwestern, CAL (both PhD's- No GRE required), Syracuse, NYU, Columbia and UCLA in Social Sciences.

My GRE scores were 152 Verbal/141 math :( 3.5/4.0 Essay

My undergraduate GPA is a 3.4 (3.3 in my major )

I have pretty good letters or recommendations and I have research experience

Everyone is encouraging me to apply yet I'm felling pretty defeated

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You should definitely apply, there's no reason not to besides time and money.

That said, the essay is out of 6.0, not 4.0. Are you a US citizen? If so, your verbal/writing is probably going to be a huge problem. Quant too, but I don't know how important that is for your field.

If you have the chance, definitely retake the GRE.

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The thing is I wont have the opportunity to retake the test. Also, apps are due early next year and I don't think I will have the time to study AND take the test again. Yes, I know the essay is out of 6.0, I scored a 4.0 on the first GRE and a 3.5 the second time. I figure I will be submitting a writing sample so that could be a good indication of my writing.

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