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2nd & 3rd Round Applicants -- What NOT To Do?

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The biggest mistake I made was in being too generic. I had a horribly generic SOP and a writing sample that, while it wasn't bad, wasn't representative of my best work and didn't line up with what I said I wanted to study. I didn't know how to present myself as a scholar and a potential colleague of the professors who I was hoping to work with and really had to fine tune that this year - I pretty much trashed my SOP and wrote a new one from scratch, which went through about seven drafts before I was satisfied with it. I also did what I could to position myself as someone with an awareness of theory, by listing theorists who influenced my work and referencing theory outside of my field that was complementary with what I wanted to study.

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Although this is my first time applying, past applicants have told me that the the best thing NOT to do is come to this message board.

LOL that is so true. Everyone tells me to stay off gradcafe

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